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5 Reasons You’ll Love Living on a Golf Course

Uncategorized l July 13, 2023

Imagine waking up in the morning, walking onto your porch with a hot cup of coffee, and being greeted by the panoramic view of rolling green fairways and perfectly manicured greens bathed in the soft morning light. The feeling is unparalleled, and we at Koch Homes are thrilled to provide a stunning new home experience that combines luxury living with the game of golf.



Five Reasons To Live on a Course

Nestled within the Compass Pointe Championship Golf Course lies the beautiful Cross Creek at Compass Pointe community, where we currently have an exciting opportunity available for you.

Let’s explore more why you’ll love living on a golf course, and give you an idea of what life might look like in this gorgeous home!

1: Enjoy Spectacular Scenery at Your Fingertips.

In addition to the lush greenery, beautiful landscaping, and immaculate course fairways, you’ll also experience a well-manicured neighborhood that takes pride in providing a luxury living environment. 

2: Embrace A Sense of Belonging.

A golf course community can foster a close-knit setting where like-minded neighbors share common interests and forge strong connections, resulting in a greater sense of belonging and comfort within the neighborhood. 

3: Discover Ample Amounts of Recreational Opportunities.

This might seem like an obvious benefit, but it is worth the spotlight: You will have easy access to the game, giving you more opportunities to refine your backswing, improve your score, and even participate in community leagues and events. You can also enjoy local entertainment right from the comfort of your back porch, watching other players in action.

4: Bask in Enhanced Privacy and Security.

As you can imagine, living in a golf course community can offer a peaceful environment, the tranquility of fewer passing cars, and reduced noise. No one likes commotion cluttering their setup,, so you’ll likely experience that beloved silence regularly at home.

5: Watch Your Home’s Value Soar.

The demand for homes nestled within a golf course community is soaring to new heights, with eager buyers more than willing to invest in these coveted properties. Once you settle into your new Koch home at Cross Creek at Compass Pointe, you can relish in the assurance that your property’s value will likely increase, presenting you with an appreciating asset that offers a lifetime of comfortable living. 

Come Home to The Ultimate Golf Course Community

Our gorgeous, 3-acre homesite available now at Cross Creek at Compass Pointe is the perfect opportunity to experience the multitude of benefits that come with living on a golf course. The models we have available are sure to capture your heart and elevate your everyday living experience to new heights of luxurious tranquility. 

To explore our one and only opportunity available in this famous subdivision, contact Eric Easton at 240-517-0730 or by email at eeaston@kochhomes.com. We are excited to help you discover your new dream home!