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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Hosting

Uncategorized l October 3, 2019

Gathering at your home should be an enjoyable experience with friends or family, not a stressful event! The best way to stay relaxed while hosting guests is to prepare your home for them beforehand. So, follow these five tips to ensure everyone will have a great time.



In this case, it’s all about the timing. A cluttered house can create anxiety and detract from any décor you set out. Make things easier on yourself by not waiting until the last minute, or trying to combine this with the next step. About a week out, start the decluttering process. Every time you leave a room, take something with you and put it away. Start with the obvious things first, like shoes, toys, and papers. Pay special attention to walkways and rooms that are likely to be used frequently. This includes the doorway and foyer areas. They are the first places your guests will visit and if they are nice and tidy, you’ll make an excellent first impression.


A clean home will make your guests feel comfortable. Your ultimate goal is to ensure the kitchen, bathrooms and dining areas are spotless. Nobody wants to sip a cocktail in a kitchen with week-old dirty dishes in the sink. Spend more time on these rooms and don’t worry as much about the owner’s bedroom or other areas that guests won’t be in as often – although you should still give these rooms a quick clean, they should be your lowest priority. Don’t stress if they aren’t completely pristine.

A couple of days before the event, start with longer shelf-life steps like dusting, heavy cleaning (think scrubbing the shower if you’ll have house guests, so you can do an easy rinse-down the day of), and wiping down cabinets. Leave tasks like vacuuming and running a final load in the dishwasher for the day before.

Stock up

A well-supplied home means you’ll be prepared for nearly anything. Make sure your bathrooms are stocked with towels, toiletries, a scented candle and a book of matches. Outside of your prepared menu, have snack food on hand such as fruit, vegetable trays, and meat or cheese platters. You never know if the event might run late and need extra supplies. Be prepared for accidents and have stain treatments on hand. Everyone involved will be more relaxed when you can easily deal with the unexpected.


Get festive with it. Set the table the day before your event and introduce an eye-catching new centerpiece. Instead of keeping your drink options in a cabinet, use a mobile drink cart and display what you have, perhaps with a couple seasonal recipes on display. This is a fun way to spark interactions and conversation. Additionally, place fresh flower arrangements around the house – they’ll look and smell fantastic. If you’re living in a Koch home in Anne Arundel County, the Annapolis area has many local shops where you’ll find anything you may need!

Add finishing touches

After you’ve got the place stocked up and looking fabulous, all that’s left are the finishing touches. Set the ambiance with lightly scented candles around the house for warm, flattering light and an inviting scent. Have a playlist ready to go for background music – a dance party could break out at any time! Then, double-check seating arrangements and food requirements, touch up any cleaning steps, and you’re good to go!

Koch homes are perfect for entertaining guests. Our spacious layouts and open floor plans allow your guests to mix and mingle without feeling cramped. Most layouts include a large recreation room, which can be used for entertaining or after-party hangouts. To learn more about the floor plans we offer, check out our communities page. Or, contact us directly to discuss your options. With over 60 years of experience in the area, we’re confident we can help you get into your dream home.