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6 Bathroom Organization Tips to Help You Love Your Space

Uncategorized l April 18, 2023


As winter fades and spring starts sprouting, you’ll likely notice areas in your home that need a little cleaning and organizing. Today, we at Koch Homes are excited to talk all about bathroom organization. 

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your spacious owner’s suite bathroom, guest bathroom, or simple powder room, these organization tips are for you.

Tip Number 1: Get creative with your cupboard space.

Are you using your cupboard space wisely? To help you have the most organized cupboard, take advantage of drawer dividers, shelving you can install on the inside of your cupboard door, and clear organization bins; you can even go as far as having a clear organization bin designated for each member of your family. Lastly, if you have space, look into adding a lazy susan to your main cupboard; this can help you organize items and get to what you need quickly. Plus, you won’t miss those extra shampoo bottles in the back!

Tip Number 2: Think outside of the box with your towel storage.

Instead of a towel bar mounted to the wall, select modern towel hooks, or if you have space, lean a beautiful ladder against the wall and hang the towels over the steps to maximize your vertical space. If these options aren’t suitable, you can use a tower shelf mounted over the door, a towel rack wall mount above the toilet, or place a towel cart in the corner.

Tip Number 3: Use baskets to your advantage.

Baskets are your friend when it comes to having a decluttered bathroom – use water-proof or breathable baskets to store your children’s bath toys, place a laundry hamper in the corner to keep dirty clothes and towels off the floor, and, if you have space under your sink, consider placing some cute baskets here for more storage.

Tip Number 4: Label everything.

Not only is this a handy way to keep your bathroom necessities organized, it’s also a way to include some cuteness and added personality to your space. From the organization bins in your cupboards to the toothbrush and toothpaste holders to your soap dispenser, labeling helps you keep items organized and easy to find. Also, if you buy extras to have backups, put a simple label on the bottom of your products so you’ll know how many you have left and where to find them. An example – use a sharpie to write “1/2 – under sink” and “2/2” on the bottom of the 2-pack of conditioner you picked up. Then when you use up 1/2, you don’t add it to the shopping list prematurely.

Tip Number 5: Organize your shower.

To spruce up the shower space, use hanging shower caddies or baskets to hold your shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash; you should also combine your bottles (with the same products, of course) to rid any almost-empty bottles lounging on your shelves. Then, organize the shelves to clear space and give everything its own designated spot to eliminate clutter later.

Tip Number 6: Use your extra space.

Last but not least, use your extra bathroom space. If you have the room, find an authentic storage cabinet that can not only add storage space to the room, but also add personality. You can also make the most out of your space by using freestanding bathroom shelves, clear apothecary jars and decorative trays for your counter space. Consider mounting small storage units on the wall to hold your makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and other daily-used items.

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