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A Local’s Guide to Hiking in Davidsonville, Maryland

Uncategorized l May 17, 2023

As spring fills your heart with warmth and excites you for summer, you’re likely looking for the perfect place to spend your time outdoors. Well, suppose you’re a lover of hikes. In that case, whether they are easy or complex, we at Koch Homes are excited to tell you all about some spectacular hiking trails around the Davidsonville, Maryland area!


In Davidsonville


Davidsonville Park

Davidsonville Park is the perfect hiking spot if you prefer a more leisurely hike. This hike has a handful of easy trails that send you on a journey with stunning winding paved paths. As you hike, you’ll likely see gorgeous trees and shrubbery, a charming stream, or even the river. This hike is perfect if you have a furry friend with you or if you are adventuring with your family. There are even parks along the trail to stop and visit!


Riva Area Park

Riva Area Park offers great scenic routes that allow you to find little geocaches along the way. This park has longer pathways compared to Davidsonville Park and it also provides play areas for your little ones.


Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail is an excellent hike if you’re interested in seeing the beautiful marshes and the surrounding area. It’s about 1.3 miles round trip and it offers a stunning walk along Rhode River and Muddy Creek. This trail is also linked with the Java History Trail where you can spend some time learning about the local history.


Just Outside Davidsonville


Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is an excellent option for some family fun and personal adventure. There are many different hiking trails available, but a popular choice is the Quiet Waters Park Trail. This trail is about 5.4 miles long with 193 feet in elevation gain. This is the longest trail in the park, and you’ll likely see beautiful scenery and even a couple of dog parks for your furry friend.


Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

The Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary offers four beautiful hiking trails that range from .72 miles long to 3.0 miles long with 39 to 85 feet in elevation gain. These trails explore the marshes and forests along the Patuxent River and offer many different things to discover, like trees that grow a large fruit (which happened to be President George Washington’s favorite), 116-feet tall trees, and boundary markers or defenses built during the War of 1812.


Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

The Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a scenic route that is about 5.6 miles and takes an average of 1 hour and 47 minutes to complete. This trail is spectacular for hiking, biking, and running and is known to be a great trail for dogs. As you hike, you’ll enjoy beautiful forest views and find picnic tables and benches for resting and gatherings.


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