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About Us


“I learned early on from my father, that quality and service are everything”, said Gary Koch, president of Koch Homes. “We’ve earned a good reputation by adhering to those principals”.

Now, over 60 years later, Koch Homes is still devoted to those same standards that they upheld when Ross Koch first broke ground in 1951.

Koch Homes has perfected its homebuilding craft and is now established as one of the most highly regarded homebuilders in Anne Arundel County, winning more industry awards than any other builder in the area. We have been recognized locally and nationally for both outstanding community development and distinguished home designs.

Since the beginning, Koch Homes has successfully built and or developed more than 60 communities in the greater Baltimore-Washington region, consisting of almost 7,000 homes.

Anne Arundel County is our home. We live and work here. Recognizing our commitment to superior service and uncompromised quality is a testament to our homebuyers and we are forever grateful for that.”