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Getting Your Home Ready for Virtual Learning

Uncategorized l September 14, 2020

The health crisis of 2020 has introduced new behaviors that have, in turn, become “new normals.” However, just when social distancing, face coverings and working from home became second nature, families across the US are now facing a new challenge: virtual learning.

In fact, according to a recent study, over 30,000 elementary and high schools across the US will not hold on-site classes due to coronavirus concerns. While unprecedented for everyone, there are a few tips that can help get your home ready for virtual learning.

Check Your High-Speed Internet Connection

For online classes, a fast, responsive internet connection is a must. It’s recommended that students have a minimum of 1.5 Mbps for both upload and download speeds. However, if there are multiple students and remote workers online simultaneously, you’ll most likely need more.

Newer Koch Homes developments like Harvest Ridge were already designed for high performance, so it’s just a matter of reviewing your current internet plan to see whether it needs altering. Start by testing your current internet speed on Speedtest and, if needed, ask your internet provider what options are available.

Give Each Student Their Own Space

Sectioning off an area without distractions is key to students’ focus, which is one reason why the classroom should be separate from the bedroom. Intuitive new models like the Greenbrier include spaces that have been designed for learning and home offices, giving your family ample room dedicated to schoolwork.

If your current home doesn’t offer these options, scope out low traffic areas like the basement or walk-in closets to see whether they can be repurposed to accommodate virtual learning. If not, retailers like Amazon sell room dividers that can keep overlapping classroom activities separate.

Include your children in the selection and set up of their learning space to ensure one less adjustment for them on the first day of school. If you’re short on desks, you can substitute folding trays, card tables or wide, wall-mounted shelving. Or, consider a rolling cart to double as a desk/storage caddy that can be wheeled away after school to reopen common areas like the living room or den.

Stock Up On Supplies

Your student will need the proper tech for productive learning, including noise-canceling headsets, surge protectors and chargers. Contact the school to make sure your students have all the necessary workbooks, and stock up on school supplies like pencils, pens, erasers and notebooks. Don’t forget about decorations like posters either! Tape up some colorful number charts or vocabulary words to brighten up their school zone and make it feel more like a classroom.

While none of us know when life outside the home will be back in full swing, we do know that the home you choose will play a key role in the comfort and convenience of your lifestyle. Since 1951, Koch Homes have been known for excellence, innovation and luxury. As a family-owned business, we design, develop and perfect each home that bears our name for full quality control. If you live near Annapolis or are looking to relocate, contact us for more information.