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Koch Homes has been winning awards and accolades for our community development for over 70 years. Garnering local and national recognition, our projects accomplish two main goals: to work with the environment and to provide a beautiful community for our homeowners for years to come.

Environmentally Sensitive Development

When we purchase land for development, we carefully work with our land planners to determine the best possible use for it. We examine the ecology of the area (waterways, wetlands, trees, etc.) to make sure we’re building with nature instead of just on it. Our lot sizes, the homebuilders we select, infrastructure, and amenities all work together with the land to create beautiful communities to call home.

Developing for the Future

Our developments are created looking forward. We design our communities to create that special type of impeccable first impression—from initial entry through the entire development—that never fades. Not simply places for homeowners to move into, our expertly designed communities provide sanctuaries where families can live, grow, and thrive.

What does it mean to trust a developer like Koch Homes?

We have an eye for potential and a passion for bringing it to life. We’re always ready to find solutions for both the expected and unexpected. Our customer-focused approach has served our area well for many generations, and we’re excited at the prospect of bringing the same results to your land.

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