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Four of the Best Koch Home Features in 2022

Uncategorized l December 21, 2022


When looking for a new home, today’s buyer will always include the best home features at the top of their wishlists, from materials to features to layout designs. Beyond the obvious and trending must-have features – think in-law suites and brass fixtures in the bathroom – we’ve seen a handful of other features consistently appearing as homebuyer essentials.

We asked Eric Easton and Alyssa Huff – two of Koch Homes’ incredible Sales Managers – to share what they’ve been seeing as consistent requests from their prospective buyers.

Eric states that people want homes with more garage space to accommodate two, three or even four cars. The Greenbrier floor plan at Bretridge has just that with a spacious 2- to 3-car garage option.

Alyssa finds that buyers want a home with multi-purpose rooms for flexibility, whether they’re working from home, caring for a relative, or hosting a holiday event. The Eastport floor plan available in Pasadena, Maryland has plenty of flex rooms to transform into your dream space.

Below, we’ll share more on the best home features buyers are seeking for added value in both their lives and their new Koch home. 

Best Home Features of 2022 Shaping The Housing Market


Quartz Countertops

Especially in the kitchen, quartz countertops are here to stay. They’re a timelessly modern material that suits any contemporary kitchen design, especially with their wide color options. You can choose from subtle colors and styles such as a beige speckle, classic white, or something bold like black marble. Beyond looks, quartz is durable and can withstand spills and impact, being stain- and scratch-resistant.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

With more appreciation for the outdoors, outside spaces are becoming part of a home’s main attraction. Decks and porches can functionally accommodate cooking, socializing and relaxing. Homesites spacious enough to accommodate outdoor fireplaces, bars, built-in grills and pizza ovens are soaring in popularity. These features not only serve homeowners by providing easy socializing and relaxing areas but help turn home into a luxurious oasis.

Security and Smart Home Features

Being eco-friendly is still important to buyers. They want energy-efficient appliances that lower their carbon footprint and their energy bill. In addition, they want appliances that are sleek, modern and true to their aesthetic. GE Café Series appliances, used in many of our homes, are an example of energy-efficient and contemporary.

Security and smart home features, such as programmable lighting and heating systems, are adding value to homes for buyers who want the ease of setting these important systems up with less management.

Multipurpose Rooms

After the pandemic, buyers are seeing the value of flexible rooms that can serve different purposes at different times. They need spaces to work, exercise, reflect, play and host without interruption. Considering the home office, one survey noted the home office as a Top 5 most-wanted specialty room.

Even traditional spaces like dining rooms are being given dual purposes, such as an area to study, do projects or finish homework. These rooms are termed “flex rooms” and continue to be in high demand due to their customizability.

Find Your Home with The Best Features

The best home features are being prioritized so that home buyers can find their dream home faster. At Koch Homes, we keep the modern homebuyer in mind, delivering newly built homes with lasting craftsmanship and stylish designs. 

We incorporate all the convenient details and popular features you need and love. Our homes are designed to be your forever home, strategically built in beloved Anne Arundel and Talbot County, Maryland settings.

Contact us today to secure your next home with the top features you value, and check out our communities to learn more about Maryland’s finest areas featuring our homes.