How to Create a Functional Flex Room

How to Create a Functional Flex Room

Uncategorized l September 21, 2021

A functional flex room is a space that adapts to your current needs, whether you want a secluded room to work from home, an open space for weekend yoga or a cozy nook for reading. The key to getting the most out of your flex room is to design a space that is both practical and convenient.

Here are a few ways to create the functional flex room of your dreams!


Besides preventing clutter in your flex room, storage will allow you to quickly switch from one activity to another in multipurpose rooms. Shelves, cabinets, benches with built-in storage and desks with cubbies will help you organize office supplies, toys, workout gear and more.

Multipurpose Furniture

Transforming tables, modular seating, Murphy beds, sleeper sofas and other pieces that can do double duty will help you get more out of your functional flex room. Bonus points – use furniture casters that allow you to move furniture around to change the layout of the area as needed.

Empty Space

There is nothing stopping you from using your flex room as a home office, guest room and yoga studio all at once. However, you shouldn’t try to cram as much as possible into this space.

Keep this room operative by leaving traffic paths wide open and prioritizing vertical storage. Don’t turn your flex room into a spot where you store all your unused items until the next garage sale. Leave as much empty space as possible to keep this room functional, and find window treatments that will let in plenty of natural light.

Keep It Neutral

Because your bonus room has more than one purpose, bold decor choices or themes might not work. White, gray and beige are staples of the neutral palette, but you can work with some discreet colors like light green, lilac, earthy red or brown to add a personal touch. Love bold decor? Use it to differentiate spaces that have a specific purpose. You can create a themed corner for your movie lounge, or a delineated homework area.

Create Boundaries

If you’ll share your flex room with other household members, you might want to look into dividing this space into different zones with a specific purpose. You can use room dividers, curtains, panels or shelving, or simply adopt different color schemes to create a visual separation between spots.

Your Functional Flex Room and The Flow of The Home

A flex room should be easy to access but also slightly isolated from the main living area for privacy. When you choose Koch Homes as your builder, you’ll discover flex rooms are one of the many amenities we add to our spacious home plans.

If you take a look at our Greenbrier plan, you’ll notice that the flex room is easily accessible from the foyer but remains separated from the open floor plan by a staircase. Our Sherwood plan has a home office on the main floor, but you could easily turn one of the four upstairs bedrooms into a multipurpose room if you want a space that is away from the shared living area. Our lower level rec rooms are excellent multi-purpose spaces that can be used for a number of fun purposes.

Take a look at the other models available in our Severn Reserve community to see how flex rooms fit into the flow of our different plans and discover other life-changing amenities!