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Our top five home decor trends of 2019

Koch Homes News l March 11, 2019

The new year is well underway, and you may be wanting to freshen up your home’s decor. Once you’ve finished your spring cleaning and cleared the clutter – where do you start? It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in the interior design world! Let the experts at Koch Homes lend you their expertise.

  1. Floral wallpaper

Wallpaper has been back for a few years, but we think that the floral varieties will be especially popular in 2019. With accent color walls falling out of fashion, interior designers are turning back to this classic look to lend rooms a bold style. Daring color palettes with a lot of contrast are sure to make a statement. Avoid pastels and muted hues. And don’t worry – you don’t have to “glue yourself” to one style – there are tons of easily-removed, low-impact options on the market, so you can try things out before going all-in.

  1. Natural accents

Industrial and futuristic-centric motifs are drifting away from favor, being replaced with blended aesthetics featuring more naturalistic elements. Components such as stylish planters, hanging arrangements, and glass vases with flowers offer a calming, serene feel to any room.


  1. Canopy beds

Four-post beds with canopies will be a hot bedroom decor trend this year. These luxurious, comforting pieces of furniture make the bed an even cozier spot to spend a rainy spring morning. It’s also an easy way to lend a bit of class to your bedroom, so go for it!

  1. Eye-catching ceilings

Bold design choices for walls have been around forever, but interesting ceiling styles haven’t been a major consideration for homeowners since the Charleston was a hot, new dance. Whether you are in the market for intricate molding, a painted design, or some bold wallpaper (see tip #1!), it’s time to stop neglecting your ceiling and show it some love!

  1. Above all, balanced design

Out are the days of cluttered walls with clusters of picture frames. 2019 is all about more considered design choices from manufacturers that source sustainable materials. Don’t be too garish when you can be serene and pleasant, but also add splashes of boldness throughout. Some pizzazz such as the eye-catching ceilings and wallpapers mentioned above are great – but don’t get too carried away! Home is a place to relax and ease away from the stresses of the world. If your decor is too busy, your brain will know, and you won’t be able to decompress when necessary.

These are the top five home decor trends for 2019. Overall, it’s shaping up to be a year for fun patterns mixed with attention-grabbing natural elements, while maintaining a cozy, peaceful atmosphere. It’s all about balance! Symmetry in interior design can help you lead a more rewarding, fulfilled life.

Have you already been incorporating these trends in your home? We’d love to see. Snap a pic, and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

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