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Popular Holiday Recreation Room Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Uncategorized l November 11, 2022

The recreation room is a large area with loads of versatility when it comes to everyday living and holiday hosting. This grand room can easily deliver a comfortable amount of space and with the right amount of creativity, you can transform it into something special this season.

Below, we’ll share easy and impressive ways to use a recreation room for the holidays., impress guests, and make them feel right at home with a thoughtfully arranged recreation room.

Holiday Recreation Room Ideas to Transform Your Space Into A Holiday Hotspot

Hosting Guests

Declutter the recreation room, removing excess items to make it as expansive as possible. For the holidays, consider decorating the space with seasonal garlands or even a tree. Then add back key furniture and items your guests will need and love, such as a cozy sofa and television for your favorite holiday movie, complete with decorative pillows and warm throw blankets. You can utilize storage pieces like an ottoman or fold-out couch to keep things tucked away when not hosting. If the recreation room is near a second bathroom, style it with the same holiday décor, adding soft towels and robes and plenty of seasonally-scented toiletries.

Planning Parties

Recreation rooms are great for creating a breakaway space for your party, so guests can take a moment to catch their breath during the festivities. It can also be a good spot to host the main shindig, as the large area will allow for easy movement and socializing.

Set up a holiday drinks station where guests can grab and make their drinks. Include finger foods and snack mixes, if this is a secondary celebration room. Or, if it’s the focus of your party, set out a buffet table with platters and baskets of appetizers, desserts, and entrees. With a grand recreation room, you can add small tables and chairs for people to eat and chat in one place.

Corralling the Kiddos

If your guests will include children, you’ll appreciate the versatility of a recreation room. It can keep energetic children occupied while the adults socialize nearby in other areas of the home. Make it an activity and entertainment center with designated stations for different attractions. Some suggestions include a few tables with favorite board games, a large table with gingerbread houses to decorate with all the fixings, and a television center to watch holiday movies or play video games. Include area rugs and comfortable seating.


Tips for The Ultimate Holiday Recreation Room

The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming a recreation room for the holidays to accommodate friends and family. Whatever suits your guests’ needs and interests will influence the theme of your recreation room.

An additional way to make this room functional for the season is to utilize every corner. The center may be where all the action is, but corners can serve as ideal places for storing outerwear. Just add an extra coat rack and a shoe rack to prevent clutter. Use another corner as a decor and gift station where guests can drop their offerings or pick up party favors.

How to Find The Right Recreation Room for Holiday Hosting

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