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The Best Farmers Markets in Anne Arundel County

Uncategorized l April 23, 2020

When you shop at the local farmers market, you’ll get the freshest and most nutritious produce out there, support your local farmers, save some money, and enjoy the opportunity for some fresh air.

Farmers markets play a critical role in providing fresh produce to their communities and are an eco-friendly choice since they don’t rely on warehouses and cross-country shipping. 

Below are some of the best farmers markets in the Anne Arundel County area.

Anne Arundel County Farmers Market

First organized in 1981, the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market (AACFM) offers a wide variety of selection to its customers. The AACFM also has one of the longest market seasons in the state, with business running every Sunday – year-round! With more than 15 vendors from the area, you have plenty of markets to choose from for high-quality, organic, and locally-grown foods. And when able, they host fun community events.

Kent Island Farmers Market

Just 20 minutes away, you’ll find the Kent Island Farmers Market – An affordable option for those seeking fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, and other foods. The market features a variety of clean, organic options, such as herbs, baked goods, dairy products, fresh fish, naturally raised meats, locally distilled spirits – and much more.

Kent Island Farmers Market offers a special perk for their shoppers – For $20, they will select someone to shop the market for you and conveniently deliver your order to you.

Severna Park Farmers Market

If you’re searching for organic produce and meat, freshly ground coffee, baked goods, plants, honey, and more, then Severna Park Farmers Market is the place for you. Here, you’ll find summer-fresh produce, including sweet corn, squash, cantaloupes, eggplants, and other exciting options. With these tasty foods at your fingertips, Severna Park is your one-stop-shop for a delicious and healthy meal.

Crofton Farmers Market

For an impressive assortment of produce, meats, bread, dairy, flowers, and specialty foods, Crofton Farmers Market can’t be beaten. With over 50 confirmed vendors, the Crofton Farmers Market is Anne Arundel County’s largest.

Not only is this market full of farm-fresh produce, it’s also a host to exciting events. From pie contests to chili cook-offs, shoppers are sure to enjoy their experience here.

Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market

The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market, known locally as the Amish Market, offers a captivating cultural experience with its vendors using traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipes. Only five minutes from Anne Arundel County, the Amish Market offers an assortment of healthy foods, a variety of salads, fresh produce, and chemical-free meats. What makes this particular farmers market so unique is its vast selection of treats, such as candy, desserts, homemade snacks, and ice cream.

Additionally, this market features a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all prepared by Amish cooks. 

Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar

Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar boasts fresh produce, artisan products, as well as wine and beer tasting. While this market may not be open yet, their farmers, vendors, artists, and bazaar businesses are sharing some of their favorite market stalls for you with many offering pickup or shipping. Enjoy some of their best products and produce from the comfort of your home.


With all of the options surrounding Anne Arundel County, visiting a farmers market will never disappoint. Between the unique foods, exciting experiences, and the ability to get some fresh air out in the environment, any of these farmers markets could become your new favorite.

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