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Three Reasons to Invest In A Quick Delivery Home in 2023

Uncategorized l February 1, 2023


Many homebuyers are discovering the advantages of a Quick Delivery home. These newly-built houses, also known in the industry as “spec homes” or “quick move-in homes,” are brand-new homes already designed and built. They are crafted in desired locations with features that appeal to a range of buyers.

Koch Homes builds a few Quick Delivery homes each year, all of which combine comfort, stability, and reliability by following trends in the real estate market. They offer home buyers all the benefits of new home construction, without making them wait for a new home to be built. 

One such home, the Eastport at Woodholme Circle, has an upscale layout and flexible features, such as a second bedroom on the main level that could also be used as a study, white Shaker cabinets, and a private backyard.

Discover the value such homes provide to buyers looking for a quality space that meets and supports their unique way of life. Below, we’ll present our top three benefits of choosing a Quick Delivery home over a used home. 

Three Reasons to Choose A Quick Delivery Home In Your Next Home Purchase


New Construction

Quick Delivery homes are brand new. Depending on when you show interest in the home, you can evaluate the house and make final customizations.

Since these homes are new, you eliminate the unforeseen costs of fixes and upgrades, which are common with older homes, such as hidden problems with the plumbing, windows, and roof. Often, these hidden costs can make an affordable-seeming home much pricier than expected.

Location is also considered. Usually, spec homes are produced in quality, active neighborhoods near popular attractions or thriving cities.

Time Saver

The “Quick” in the name says it all! You might also see a “Quick Delivery” listed as an “Immediate Delivery” or “Quick/Immediate Move-In.” Both Delivery and Move-In refer to when the builder can turn the keys over to you.

You can purchase a Quick Delivery home much faster than a custom-built home! This is because the builder is usually close to finishing the home when they put it on the market. As a result, you don’t have to wait long to move in! Often, you can own these homes in a matter of a couple of months versus a new build, which can take 9-12 months to build.

As the buyer, you can sometimes do a walk-through with a Quick Delivery home in a day, buy it, and move in within a few weeks. Plus, you get to walk through the house before purchasing. These homes are ideal for buyers who need to move quickly, especially if they have already found a buyer for their current home.

Competitive Price

Since builders build Quick Delivery homes when they can take advantage of current market rates for their supplies, homes are often listed for sale at attractive prices. That means that you’ll be able to move into a new home that has been built with quality in mind, at a competitive price, on a great timeline.

Where to Find A Quality Crafted Spec Home

You want a house built by a quality builder with time-honored experience, such as Koch Homes. In business since 1951, we offer top-quality single-family homes, estate homes, and spec homes in prime Maryland locations. Known for our exceptional craftsmanship and impressive entrance monuments, we have the right home for your lifestyle – one you’ll never want to leave.

Contact us today to learn more about our incredible opportunities!