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Top Four Maryland Day Celebrations to Attend This Year

Uncategorized l March 22, 2023


The last weekend of March is full of exciting Maryland Day celebrations taking place at many different Anne Arundel County attractions. 

These events commemorate the arrival of the first English settlers in Maryland in 1634, thus establishing the first English colony in America. While settlers originally called their initial landing spot St. Clement’s Island, Maryland was later named after Henrietta Maria, King Charles I’s wife. This day is the biggest celebration in the state and takes place in various locations, spotlighting Maryland’s heritage, culture, and art.

Below, we’ll share four top Maryland Day celebrations happening this year to attend. These events have something for everyone and will keep you, and your friends and family entertained throughout this special weekend.


Top 4 Maryland Celebrations to Enjoy The Entire Weekend


Hammond-Harwood House

This historic house was built in 1774. Now a national landmark, public tours of the house and garden are offered to learn the social history of the families and slaves who once lived there. You can also explore the Anglo-Palladian architecture that includes carved entrances, formal rooms, and elegant features, as well as the impressive collection of furniture, décor, and fine art. 

For Maryland Day, there will be an open house with interpreters sharing stories of the slaves and women who lived at Hammond-Harwood House during that period.

Anne Arundel County Archaeology Lab

This is a 3,500-square-foot museum featuring hundreds of special archeological relics. Discover local artifacts, and learn about recent and past excavations, such as a half a century-old bike and a 13,000-year-old spear point. 

Great for children and families, you can hand-sort buried treasures and dig right in at the artifacts washing station. You can also find out how to participate in archeological digs and lab work.

Bacon Ridge Natural Area

This park has over 900 acres of forests, marshes, and a creek, known as Bacon Ridge Branch. It’s ideal for hiking and studying nature on any nice day. There are several trails open to the public for hiking and bike riding. One trail is approximately 2.5 miles long and another is over 4.5 miles long for leashed dogs. 

For Maryland day, there will be a self-led scavenger hunt along the trails. Children and adults can go at their own pace and take photos of their discoveries.

William Paca Garden

This is a historic home built in the 1760s by William Paca, one of the four who signed the Declaration of Independence and Maryland’s third governor. This house has been restored to its former opulence, containing furnishings and paintings from the period. Included are its two-acre garden with heirloom plants and a charming Summerhouse near a latticework bridge that lays over a fish-shaped pond. 

There will be family-friendly activities and a docent to answer questions on Maryland Day.

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