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Top Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Maryland’s Beloved Anne Arundel and Talbot County

Uncategorized l May 4, 2022

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It’s time to plan your Mother’s Day celebration!

Consider spending Mother’s Day enjoying the gems of Anne Arundel and Talbot Counties in Maryland. Both counties are rich in natural resources, history, and culture that give you plenty of options to enjoy this special day. There’s no end to what you can do, from brunch on a yacht to revisiting history with a tour after lunch.

Below, we’ll offer suggestions for how you can celebrate Mother’s Day in Anne Arundel and Talbot Counties, detailing these beloved Maryland communities’ unique features and attractions.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Anne Arundel and Talbot County

Anne Arundel County is home to Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city, while Talbot County infuses the classic county life with the contemporary metropolitan scene. Both offer great options for creating memories you’ll treasure.

Anne Arundel County

Anne Arundel’s waterfront views are notable, which makes the county the perfect spot to enjoy several water activities, such as sailing, boating, and cruising.

On Mother’s Day, tour the U.S. Naval Academy after a lovely brunch at Harry Browne’s. If dining in, remember to reserve early or check ahead to see if the restaurant of your choice is open that day.

For the ultimate experience, grab a takeaway lunch and hit the sails on the Schooner Woodwind. You can also go on the famous Watermark Cruise and explore the Chesapeake Bay under bright blue skies.

Talbot County

If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day reminiscing with relaxing entertainment, this is the place. Talbot County features small towns nestled near the Chesapeake Bay’s picturesque waterfront.

Since Mother’s Day is in spring, there are tons of festivals centered on film, art, music, and food. After a nice lunch at your favorite restaurant, visit the celebration that suits the mother in your life. If she’s a history enthusiast, you can tour historic sites and neighborhoods. Talbot County was established in the 1630s, so there are tons of landmark places nestled in the town.

Also consider the county’s many forests, wetlands, and trails for a nature-bound day. She might enjoy birdwatching, hiking, or walking. Take bikes or a car and zip through scenic greenery and towns if you want to cover more ground.

Get the most from Anne Arundel and Talbot County year-round

It’s no challenge to discover ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Anne Arundel and Talbot County. Perhaps the challenge is finding the time to do everything these stunning places offer one day. However, living in these communities means you don’t have to fit every attraction into a single trip. You can easily enjoy them year-round with new homes near Annapolis or Easton built by
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