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Turkey Trot 5K: Tips for Beginner Runners

Maryland l November 2, 2017

So you signed up for your 1st Turkey Trot and not sure what to or expect? Not to worry, we’ve pulled together a few quick tips that will help you prepare for your first 5K event and the first tip is…. 

HAVE FUN! Turkey Trots are not typical competitive racing events. These are considered “fun runs” and attract folks of all ages and abilities who are encouraged to run, walk, skip or cartwheel their way to the finish line.
So don’t stress out about time or overtrain, because Turkey Trots are all about bringing the community together on a glorious Thanksgiving morning to get a bit of exercise and raise money for charitable causes.
But if you are new to 5K events AND planning to integrate running into your lifestyle here’s a few tips for beginners before they hit the streets.

Slow and Steady Quickens the Pace

Go at a comfortable pace and don’t overtrain. We suggest downloading a beginner running app like Couch to 5K that will build keep you motivated with 20-30 minute walk/run plans three times a week. 

Warm Ups and Cool Downs are Essential

To reduce stress and possible pain/injury on your body, always incorporate a few minutes of warm-up and cool down exercises before and after your run. Warming up helps prepare your body for aerobic activity and cooling down allows for a gradual recovery of heart rate and blood pressure.

Practice Good Form
Here are a few tips avid runners suggest keeping in mind to improve form and reduce stress on the body:

Invest in a good pair of running shoes.

Be good to your feet and your feet will be good to you! Visit a local running store where staff can offer specialized shoe recommendations based on your precise foot measurements, arch and usual running environment – treadmill, pavement, trail etc…

So there’s a few tips to get you to the finish line. If you’re interested in participating in a local Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving here are a few favorites to consider:


Y of Central MD Annual Turkey Trot Charity 5K
Arnold, Baltimore City, Bel Air, Ellicott City, Towson, Perry Hall, Westminster, Eastern Shore
Click Here to Register.

Fleet Feet’s 11th Annual 5K
Annapolis, MD
Click Here to Register.

2017 Gobble Cobble
Click Here to Register.