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Why a Koch home is everybody’s dream home

Koch Homes News l March 11, 2019

Koch Homes has been building families their dream homes since we were founded in 1951. Nearly 70 successful years later, it’s safe to say that we are the premier homebuilder in the Anne Arundel and Queen Anne’s Counties.

The ideals of hard work, craftsmanship and integrity shine through in each and every house we build. So, what makes us unique and so respected both locally and nationally? Here’s why they say, “You’ll always know a Koch Home.”

A legacy of quality

A true sense of arrival

When you drive into one of our fabulous communities, you will know it. Our communities aren’t “just another allotment,” with merely an entry street or two. We don’t wait to install entry monuments at the entrances; they’re there from the time that the first residents purchase their home. So, every time you pull in, you’ll know you are part of something special.

Enviable locations

Our communities are meticulously placed so as to offer amazing views in natural settings, while still being easily accessible to shopping districts, restaurants, parks and major highways. We build many of our estate homes next to forest conservation areas, ensuring that the surrounding scenery will remain beautiful for years to come. Private, yet centrally located communities mean you get the best of both worlds. Location is the most important aspect of real estate appreciation, and you shouldn’t settle for some place subpar.

Quality craftsmanship

We don’t cut corners or skimp on materials. When you move in, you’ll be greeted by elegant, expertly installed hardwood and tile flooring, beautiful and durable countertops, professional landscaping, and handcrafted elements throughout the home. It’ll be hard not to notice the gorgeous, oversized baseboard, ceiling and door trim that has become a staple in our homes. Or, the skilled masonry needed to craft one of our exquisite fireplaces. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see the evidence of master homebuilders at work.

Top-level design

Koch homes don’t just look the part, they’re specifically designed for comfortable living, and they offer spacious rooms. The dimensions and placement of all of our floor plans are calculated to maximize space while still providing interaction points. So, you can kick up your feet in the family room without feeling cramped. And you won’t be left wanting for storage, either. You’ll love the roomy closets and garages. There will be more than enough space for tool sets, shoe collections and everything in between.

So, there are many good reasons why the award-winning, family-owned Koch Homes has been in business for over 60 years. We aren’t content to rest on our laurels, and we strive every day to find ways to make better houses than the competition.

Our top-notch, luxury communities are the perfect place, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love upon your first visit. If you’re in the Anne Arundel area and have been searching for your dream home, contact us today for a consultation. We’ll be more than happy to show you why they say, “You’ll always know a Koch Home,” in person!